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We are a forestry financial trust and our objective is to sustainably develop balsa and eucalyptus plantations in order to produce lumber for the international market... We are a team of qualified professionals who are motivated by our commitment to excellence and invest the effort and time necessary to achieve complete customer satisfaction.  We offer integral solutions to our clients, taking into account our operators' safety and well-being, the responsible care of the environment, legal requirements, and ethics as a fundamental value. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Excavator moving logs in forest

Why invest in land and forests?

Investing in land is synonymous with security. The price per hectare of the forest has increased 5-fold in the last 10 years, and this trend is expected to continue, as it is a finite resource.

Investing in forests is convenient because there is an increase in the use of renewable energy from biomass. In addition, timber prices are steadily increasing at rates above inflation. Globally, there is a growing demand for forest products.

How are returns generated?

We guarantee you a 50% ROI. 

The return on investment is generated by the combination of timber growth and land appreciation.

As the wood becomes thicker, its sale value increases because it can be used for other purposes: for example, a tree that is used for energy generation or cellulose pulp production after 5 years can be used for furniture production after 10 years.

Benefits for the investor

America Foundation proposes a secure structure: Forestry Financial Trust. 
This is not a speculative business: the value is generated mainly by the growth of the trees, which is predictable and tangible. 

  1. It has a low entry cost.

  2. Offers low administration costs.

  3. Guarantees an attractive risk-return ratio.

  4. The investor is a shareholder of the project.

It has a similar profile to a real estate investment but without the need for management and with greater liquidity.

It generates an environmental benefit. America Foundation, through its trees, converts carbon from the atmosphere into wood (carbon certificates).

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